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#NewYearDonation 💸 #No112 ✊ Donate to Student Activists fighting for true Democracy in Thailand!

💫 2021 is marked by the courage of Youth protesters, student activists demanding true #Democracy & fighting to #Abolish112

Since 1932, the path to democracy in Thailand has always been arduous. No one knows when real #Democracy and the end of #112 will become realities for Thai people. We must allow our dreams to become realities - and for that - we need YOUR SUPPORT!

✨ The courage of Youth and student activists has shed a light on their journey towards democracy through their “peaceful” activism. 🚨 However, they have been subjected to police violence, physical, verbal, and judicial harassment. Protest leaders have been arbitrarily arrested and jailed, with their bail requests rejected way too many times.

📍 Let’s stand in solidarity with the activists whose lives and rights are arbitrarily violated despite the fact that they are fighting for a better future for Thailand #SaveThailand

✊🏻 Make a New Year contribution! Support the United Front of Thammasat and Demonstration (UFTD) @thammasatuftd by ordering :

👕 United Front Alliance T-Shirt (549 THB Free Shipping)

👕 Anti-Absolute Monarchy T-Shirt (350 THB Free Shipping)

🙏🏻 Monarchy Reform Wristband (112 THB)

📱 Scan the QR Code or add their line ID: @540nfkpy to order!

💌 Inbox เพจแนวร่วมธรรมศาสตร์และการชุมนุม

#WeAreManushyan ♾️ Equal Human Beings


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