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Penguin Is Now under Critical Condition in Jail! #SavePenguin

#ปล่อยเพื่อนเรา #โควิดในเรือนจำ

@landofwhy x @manushyafoundation

⚠️ Once again, Thai authorities are showcasing their true face: they are CRUEL & INHUMANE, with zero consideration for the People. A Thai pro-democracy Youth activist, Parit 'Penguin', is being denied basic human rights & essential healthcare in prison. Having contracted COVID-19, the condition of Parit 'Penguin' is critical. Even with Asthma, he is given the wrong medication.

🚨 Penguin is staying in an overcrowded cell with other 43 jail mates, and his current health conditions include:

  • Coronavirus white spots starting to appear inside his lung

  • Shorter breath: he needs extra oxygen!

  • Penguin has asthma and needs specific medication, but the prison doctors gave him the wrong medicines! He is now injured, bleeding from the injection for the wrong asthma medicine given to him!!! Is that normal? Prison doctors cannot properly prescribe medication for asthma now?

  • He has been wearing the same clothes for more than 3 days, including the blood from his injury

  • Doctors are not taking care of his wounds; his jail mates are trying to heal him...

Penguin hasn't eaten for four days and his mental health is at its lowest...

The Correction Department has promised to take good care of detainees affected by COVID-19 and refused to transfer them to Thammasat Hospital. However, the way Penguin is being dehumanized is clear evidence that the Correction Department is LYING and is failing at healing COVID-19 detainees.

The Thai authoritarian regime has no intention to respect the basic right to health and the right to bail for pro-democracy activists. #Prayut is committing a crime against Young people's future by treating them without any humanity. #PrayutGetOut

👉 Please share the truth about WHAT IS HAPPENING IN PRISON IN THAILAND!

👉 Help us #SavePenguin & #SaveOurFriends in jail, surviving under very bad prison conditions.


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