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#StopDigitalDictatorship: How Governments in SEA are Violating Our Privacy Online?

#StopDigitalDictatorship📱👁 How Governments in SEA are Violating Our Privacy Online?

🔻 Without respect for privacy in online spaces, many may feel unsafe to honestly express their thoughts, feelings, or beliefs, and freedom of speech could end up being in peril.

🌏 Around the Southeast Asia region, laws regarding data protection and privacy, online information, or cybersecurity currently come with many loopholes that allow governments to gain insights about its critics and ultimately weaponize the data to silence them.

📁 Unfortunately, governments are not alone in this attack on digital privacy as big tech and social media giants are also complicit. They routinely hand private data to governments, failing to protect users’ privacy and therefore violating basic human rights.

➡️ Swipe to learn about various ways in which governments in Southeast Asia are infringing on our privacy rights and what needs to be done to #StopDigitalDictatorship once and for all.

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings

✊ Manushya Foundation demands that governments stop exploiting digital tools to surveil citizens and that tech companies provide transparency and put human rights above all else. To preserve free speech and strengthen privacy in the digital space, international human rights standards must be respected!

📌 In collaboration with the ASEAN Regional Coalition to #StopDigitalDictatorship, we sent a joint submission to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to inform the report on the right to privacy in the digital age 🔗 https://www.manushyafoundation.org/joint-submission-on-the-right-to-privacy-in-the-digital-age

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