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JOIN US for a Press Conference! #WeAreJustTransition: “There Will Be No Just Transition Without Us”

“There Will Be No Just Transition Without Us”

The People’s Declaration for a Just, Feminist, Green and Inclusive Transition on Energy, Environment, Natural Resources, and Forests to COP27 and APEC2022

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Manushya Foundation, Thai Climate Justice for All, Green South Foundation, members of the Thai CSOs Coalition for the UPR, Thai BHR Network and grassroots groups representing indigenous peoples, forest-dependent communities, environmental and climate human rights defenders and many others, newly united as the Just Transition Movement, cordially invite you to a press conference on Friday 18 November 2022, starting at 9.30 AM at Elizabeth Hotel, Bangkok (registration starts at 9.00 AM, address provided below), to present the “People’s Declaration for a Just, Feminist, Green and Inclusive Transition on Energy, Environment, Natural Resources, and Forests” to COP27 and APEC2022.

Why the Press Conference?

The 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) has shown yet another time how skillful the Thai government is in promoting its net-zero emissions targets and making promises. But instead of reforming its energy policy to effectively move from fossil fuels to renewable energy, it prioritizes carbon sinks, through unfair conservation and reforestation laws. On the ground, communities have been criminalized, evicted and their livelihoods destroyed. On the other hand, Thailand, as one of the countries to be most impacted by the climate change effects, needs to step up its efforts to protect communities from the devastating impacts of floods and other extreme events induced by climate change. In this context, the intersectional coalition of grassroots and civil society groups from Thailand is forming the ‘Just Transition Movement’ to speak with one unified voice on the topics of climate justice. On the last day of COP27, the movement will present ‘The People’s Declaration for a Just, Feminist, Green and Inclusive Transition on Energy, Environment, Natural Resources, and Forests’ to COP27 and APEC2022, including a call to action that sets out clear commitments for good practices for the Thai government and energy companies to stop their greenwashing. The introduction of the coalition and the People’s Declaration also come at the end of the Thailand-chaired APEC Meeting where the Thai government plans to promote its Bio-Circular-Green economic model, a greenwashing scheme bolstering the position of corporations at the cost of local communities.

What do we want?

On the mission to create a powerful and intersectional Just Transition Movement of powerful indigenous peoples, forest-dependent communities, and environmental, climate, and human rights defenders, we are denouncing Thailand’s false climate solutions while raising awareness of the critical need for a just energy transition. If Thailand is to ever tackle the climate emergency, it must do so with communities at the center of its response, putting People and the Planet over profit and shifting to a Just, Inclusive, Green, and Feminist Transition.


  • The Human Rights Campaign Advisor of Manushya Foundation, Nada Chaiyajit, will moderate the session and set the context of establishment of the Just Transition Movement. Prominent speakers will include:

  • Krisada Boonchai, Coordinator of the Thai Climate Justice for All,

  • Khairiyah Rahmanyah, ‘Daughter of the Sea’, youth environmental human rights defender, #SaveChana

  • Nittaya Muangklang, Woman Human Rights Defender and Community Leader from Sai Thong Rak Pah Network, #SaveSabWaiVillagers

  • Anchalee Ismanyee, #SaveBangkloi Coalition Leader & Activist

  • Naree Wongsachon, Indigenous Woman Human Rights Defender representing Southern indigenous peoples and Chowlay Andaman Network;

  • Katima Leeja, Indigenous Woman Human Rights Defender representing Northern Lisu indigenous peoples and the Indigenous Women’s Network of Thailand (IWNT), including anti-mining #SaveOmkoi

  • Direk Hamnakorn, Prominent Human Rights Defender leading the Green World Network, #SaveThepa

  • During the session, the Just Transition Movement will present the People’s Declaration for a Just, Feminist, Green and Inclusive Transition on Energy, Environment, Natural Resources, and Forests to COP27 and APEC2022, making critical recommendations to the forums decision-makers, the Thai government and other key stakeholders.

Date and venue

When: 9:00 AM registration, 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, 18 November 2022

Location: 3rd Floor, Komchai Room, Elizabeth Hotel, 169/51 Pradiphat Rd., Sam Sen Nai, Phaya Thai, Bangkok, 10400

** Light refreshments and lunch will be served.

➡️ RSVP to the Press Conference on our FB page event: https://www.facebook.com/events/496404132540290

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➡️ Simultaneous Translation from Thai to English will be made available at the Press Conference, as well as online via ZOOM: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/89897815396

For inquiries and to RSVP, please contact:

In Thai: Nada Chaiyajit, Human Rights Campaign Advisor, Manushya Foundation

Email: nada@manushyafoundation.org

Pranaiya Panthanuwong, Project Assistant, Thai Climate Justice for All

Email: pantha.prim@gmail.com

In English: Karla Pfeifer, Corporate Accountability & Climate Justice Assistant, Manushya Foundation

Email: karla@manushyafoundation.org