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Why We Must #SaveOmkoi from Corporate Exploitation!

#Saveอมก๋อย 🚨 Another case of #injustice in Thailand, where the 1% is making money at the cost of #IndigenousPeoples lives!

⚠️ Omkoi locals will be severely affected by the dangerous coal mining operations, they will lose their livelihoods and are at RISK of corporate exploitation!

"For centuries, we've protected the forest and built the firebreaks, yet we still question why we don't have the right to our ancestral land," says a Kaboedin Indigenous Youth.

As the use of coal grows in Thailand, private companies look for new lands for coal mines.

Like many other indigenous peoples groups in Thailand, members of the Kaboedin village in Omkoi District who hold no land rights are at risk of corporate exploitation.

The corporation is committing any illegal act necessary for its coal mine, from signature forgery, community manipulation, to outright lies and disinformation.

At Manushya Foundation, Business and Human Rights is one of our core focus. We are committed to put #PeopleOverProfit and ensure that communities are front and centre in any development projects that could negatively impact their lives!

Indigenous peoples’ voices matter! Their lives matter! They must be heard and companies must respect their #HumanRights ✊🏼

You Can Help ⤵️

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