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All you need to know about the powerful #MilkTeaAlliance🧋on this International Day of Democracy!

🧋 For the Milk Tea Alliance, Democracy is another word for Freedom from Dictatorship!

🌟🌍 In today's world, democracy, the rule of law, and human rights are the foundation of freedom and sustainable progress, calling us to action 📢. On this 15th September International Day of Democracy, let's demand these essential pillars of strong, inclusive, and peaceful societies. They ensure our freedom, drive sustainable development and protect the dignity and rights of all.

🏛️ Democracy faces serious threats: shrinking civic spaces, state-led disinformation, and the erosion of trust in institutions. This year's International Day of Democracy theme is another buzzword, "Empowering the Next Generation". Meanwhile, whether the elders' generation, particularly in the United Nations system, is reflective and mindful enough when offering “empowerment” as a solution?

We must go beyond the term to empower young people! At Manushya Foundation, we believe every individual has their own infinite power as human beings.

The corrupt-oligarch system hinders young people in their diversity from having meaningful participation. Meaningful youth engagement in decision-making processes at all levels is not just a goal; it's the cornerstone of forging a world that’s not only just and equitable but also sustainable for future generations. Yet, the voices of our young people often remain on the fringes, their impact muted in various arenas including online space.

Assumptions that stifle their courage to challenge their elders or voice their concerns, even in the face of blatant rights violations, perpetuate their exclusion from pivotal decision-making processes. This exclusion extends its grasp to areas like transparency and accountability of the decisions, where the avenues for genuine youth participation are limited and regressing due to ageism and sexism. 🤐

🧋Young people uniting: The Milk Tea Alliance!

The Milk Tea Alliance (MTA), originating in 2020, has emerged as a beacon of hope for young people across Asia. The movement's name, "Milk Tea Alliance," signifies unity, as milk tea is a beloved beverage enjoyed by young generations in many Asian countries. Just as there are various milk tea flavors, there are diverse perspectives within the movement, all essential in policymaking to combat authoritarianism and address important social challenges.

The MTA movement highlights the vital role of young people in safeguarding democracy through online platforms. It is a loose network rooted in shared strong solidarity among pro-democracy youth across Asia, now uniting courageous youth from Hong Kong, Myanmar, Taiwan, Thailand, and more recently, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Belarus, and Iran. Amplifying youth participation is critical to strengthen democracy because it fosters diversity, trust, transparency, and lifelong civic engagement.

A perfect example of the infinite power of humans, where youths around the world did not wait for anyone to “empower” them!

These various perspectives need to be heard in policymaking to combat authoritarianism in solving important social challenges! Critical thinking requires freedom of speech, a key pillar of democracy that gives all citizens the ability to determine their collective future.

The MTA movement proves that solidarity for democracy transcends borders and needs to be at the hands of the PEOPLE!

As we come together to celebrate the International Day of Democracy, let's remember that democracy anywhere is another word for freedom from dictatorship everywhere—freedom of expression is the driving force propelling us towards an accountable, fairer world that embraces all individuals with open arms 🤗🌈

💪🤝 On this significant day, let's join hands across generations and work together to build a more just world for all. 🌍

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings


🔥 While you’re here, discover our pivotal work on democracy and digital rights, shaping our online democracy in Southeast Asia ⤵️


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