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#Breaking🚨 #TransnationalRepression: 3 Cambodian activists and their families arrested in Thailand!

#Breaking 🚨 #TransnationalRepression: On 3 February 2024, we received news of the unjust arrest of three Thailand-based Cambodian activists, Loem Sokha, Kung Raiya, and Phan Phana, and their families, including wives and children aged 1 to 5 years old! The crackdown on the Cambodian activists is happening ahead of a protest they were planning during Cambodian PM Hun Manet's visit to Thailand. They initially fled to Thailand from Cambodia seeking safety from political persecution; yet, they are now facing threats once again.

Emilie Palamy Pradichit, Manushya’s Founder & Executive Director, spoke to Voice of America (VOA News), This arrest highlights the harsh reality of Transnational Repression, where Cambodian and Thai authorities are working hand in hand against these individuals. We, a coalition of human rights organizations, are tirelessly working to secure their release”.

Emilie also told AFP, "We urgently call on Thai authorities not to deport these activists to Cambodia, where they, along with their families, face the grave risk of imprisonment and torture. She further explained to VOA News, Such deportation would flagrantly violate Section 13 of the Thai Prevention and Suppression of Torture and Enforced Disappearance Act, enacted in February 2023,". 

#TransnationalRepression describes the process where governments reach across borders to intimidate, harass, and silence their political exiles, including through abductions, online and offline threats and attacks, illegal deportations, and intimidation of the victims’ close community. 

Loem Sokha, Kung Raiya, Phan Phana and their families are UNHCR card-carrying individuals; it is well known that if they and their families were to return to Cambodia, they would face threats to their lives. The Thai government is aware of this. Instead of being complicit in transnational repression, Thai authorities must ensure the fast and safe resettlement of the individuals to a third country.  

These arrests of Cambodian activists in Thailand highlight the urgent need for regional and global action against this heinous practice. Despite initial fears, the human rights and refugees rights coalition has received reassurance that the activists will not be deported. Manushya Foundation, along with our coalition allies, will continue to work hard to secure a safe relocation for these activists, and to hold the authorities accountable for their actions.

Read the full report written by Tommy Walker for VOA News here  ▶️ 

Read the full report written by Rose Buchanan for AFP  ▶️

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