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🧡 Democracy is Back!! 🧡

🧡 Democracy is back!! 🧡

Congratulations to the Move Forward Party and Pita Limjaroenrat for making history in Thailand!! The Power of Youth and of the People has spoken! We want radical change, true democracy, and no more military!

🙌🏻 As a pro-democracy Feminist human rights organization, we at Manushya Foundation, are beyond happy and excited to live this crucial moment all together with the people of Thailand! We sincerely thank and pay tribute to the Youth-led pro-democracy movement, to all the amazing pro-democracy student activists, and everyone who has been leading change since 2020, from protesting in the streets to online activism, taking tremendous risks, following their hearts to voice their demands, and believing in their dream of a new Thailand.

🖋 According to the Election Commission, with 99% of the votes counted, Move Forward Party won the largest number of seats in the parliament, followed by Pheu Thai and Bhumjai Thai. All constituency MP seats in Bangkok, except for one district, were also secured by the Move Forward Party.

👉🏻 The election results prove that the majority of Thai people are in support of true democracy, with pro-democracy parties acquiring over 14 million popular votes, or over 60%, in total. Further, around 75% of the Thai people exercised their right to vote yesterday, which is the highest voter turnout ever for Thailand.

✌🏻 The election has been won by THE pro-democracy political party, and it means a lot for human rights, social justice, and equality in Thailand. We look forward to the formation of a coalition that will put People, the Planet, and Human Rights at the center of the political debate, and we can't wait for the new Constitution Of the People, By the People, For the People!

🧡 Congratulations MFP and Power to the People! ✊🏻

#WeAreManushyan ∞ Equal Human Beings


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