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#Donation Sompitr lost his wife, while he was criminalized under Forest Reclamation Policy.

Sompitr lost his wife to cancer, while he was unfairly criminalized & imprisoned under Thailand’s Forest Reclamation Policy.

🚨 On October 5, 2022, Sompitr Taennok was released after the court unfairly sentenced him to jail in May 2021 for encroaching and destroying the forest in Sai Thong National Park area in Chaiyaphum province in Northeastern Thailand. This happened even though he and his family lived there before the area was declared a national park.

How cruel is the Thai justice system to innocent people?

When he was sent to jail, he had no time to say goodbye to his family. While he was imprisoned his loving wife lost her fight against cancer, and he wasn't even allowed to attend her funeral.

This is #WhatsHappeningInThailand: under the disguise of a 'Climate Solution', the Thai government issued the Forest Reclamation Policy to achieve the goal of reducing carbon emissions. Sompitr is among 14 Sab Wai villagers, who were put in jail under this false climate solution. They should be recognized as the 'Guardians' of the forest instead, as their way of living even helps to preserve the forest and the community has been living and making their livelihood in the forest for generations.

However, Sompitr and the Sab Wai Villagers are now at high risk of land eviction by the Forestry Department. If they lose their houses, they will lose their livelihoods and will be in a situation of extreme poverty!

✊ Support Sompitr and the Sab Wai villagers to remain in their village and practice their traditional life as ‘Guardians’ of the forest.

✨ You can support #SaveSompitr by donating to the Sab Wai Villagers account:

Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives

Branch Code 0454

Branch Name Nongbuarahew

Account No. 020196885014

Account Name Nittaya Maungklang, Supaporn Sisuk, Narisara Maungklang

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Read more about our #CorporateAccountability work and impact to bring for #SaveSompitr & #SaveSabWaiVillagers:


Manushya Foundation, #SaveSompitr: A Story of True Injustice in Thailand, (12 May 2021), available at:


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