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Nittaya's community is under threat of forced evictions & extreme poverty!

#SaveSabWaiVillagers 🚨 14 Sab Wai Villagers, including their Community Leader Nittaya Muangklang, are under threat of a ruthless eviction plan which can happen at any time, taking away from them their homes, livelihoods and throwing them into extreme poverty. All of this is because the Thai government keeps forcing false climate solutions that only bring suffering to the community and don't tackle climate change!

#ClimateJustice #JustTransition 📣 Hear what Nittaya tells us about the last few months in Sab Wai village where community members have faced threats and harassment from the national park officers! Sab Wai villagers have been criminalized and found guilty of encroaching and destroying forest land in the Sai Thong National Park, while, in reality, they are the #GuardiansOfTheForests.

#WeAreManushyan ♾️ Equal Human Beings

On 4 August 2022, Manushya Foundation and the Sai Thong Rak Pah Network have submitted a Complaint for Urgent Action to the United Nations, requesting the Thai government to stop the eviction plan & provide protection to the 14 villagers, respecting its International Human Rights obligations and climate action commitments.

➡️ Read our Complaint for Urgent Action for Protection of the 14 Sab Wai Villagers 🔗 here.

➡️ Read our news release 🔗 here.

➡️ Follow #SaveSabWaiVillagers and Manushya Foundation on social media to keep yourself up to date with the situation and urgent developments about the Sab Wai villagers!

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➡️ Find out more about our impact and work to #SaveSabWaiVillagers from jail, forced evictions, and extreme poverty and to denounce Thailand’s false climate solutions:


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