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#FightRacism 🚨 Why is the Thai government lying to us about Indigenous peoples?

#WhatsHappeningInThailand📍 Indigenous peoples have long been excluded from Thai society. They face racial discrimination, hate speech, stereotypes, and forced evictions from their lands due to construction projects. But that's not all, the Government does not even recognize them for what they are! Read on to know more ⤵️

➡️ In November 2021, Thailand went through its CERD review examining its compliance with the International Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (ICERD). CERD Committee conducting the review addressed various forms of human rights violations against the indigenous community in Thailand. To avoid responsibility and try to save face, the Government claimed that there are no “indigenous peoples” in Thailand because “indigenous peoples” are those who had lived in the area before the colonial period, which is not applicable to Thailand. But why are they lying?

❌ The Thai government does not want to grant Indigenous peoples their rights! Instead of recognizing them as equal human beings with a right to their ancestral lands, the Government's only goal is to make a profit! Claiming that there are no indigenous peoples in Thailand is only an excuse to avoid its responsibility under the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (that Thailand supported during its UN General Assembly adoption) & not to legally protect their rights in national legislation and the Constitution!

Do you remember the Bangkloi Indigenous community? Their case is a clear example of the oppression and injustice Indigenous peoples face in Thailand. This Karen community was evicted from their homes in the Kaeng Krachan National Park and even criminalized for claiming their ancestral land. Despite the protests, the Government showed no signs of commitment to resolve the situation!

#WeAreManushyan - Equal Human Beings

We call on the Thai government to ensure indigenous peoples’ :

👉 access to public services

👉 right to exercise control over their lands and resources, with free, prior and informed consent

👉 protection against forced evictions

Indigenous peoples in Thailand EXIST and they are Equal Human Beings!

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