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⚖️ #FreeMuay: 4 Years Behind Bars for Speaking her Truth to Power in Laos! 🇱🇦

⚖️ #FreeMuay: 4 Years Behind Bars for Speaking her Truth to Power in Laos! 🇱🇦

🚨 On this day four years ago, 12 September 2019, Lao authorities arbitrarily detained Muay, a woman human rights defender, due to her outspoken stance against the government’s corruption and to stop her advocacy for grassroots communities' rights.

👉 Since 2020, Manushya Foundation has relentlessly worked to ensure Muay's case is not invisible and for her release through various means: from our international legal complaints to the United Nations, to amplifying her cause with our #FreeMuay digital campaign. In October this year, we'll leverage Laos' UN human rights review on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) to push for justice! In August, we have already submitted our List of Issues (LOIs) to UN Experts, emphasizing the Lao government repression against human rights defenders, including Muay!

#WeAreManushyan ♾️ Equal Human Beings

✊ Four years after her arrest, our commitment to #FreeMuay and support for silenced Human Rights Defenders in Laos remains unwavering. The Lao government must immediately release Muay and uphold its international human rights commitments!

📢 Manushya Foundation will never stop advocating for Muay’s release, who has done nothing wrong by simply speaking the truth. Speaking truth to power is not a crime and will never be!


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