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#FreeMuay: Lao #WHRD Muay is being unfairly jailed in Laos since she denounced the govt's corruption

#FreeMuay ⚖️ Lao Woman Human Rights Defender Muay is being unfairly jailed in Laos since September 2019 partly because she denounced the Lao government’s rampant corruption.

🏫 To address the issue of the buying and selling of degrees, Muay wanted to build a school that would promote a fair and equal education.

📍To this end, she organized various fundraising activities: she sold t-shirts with the message “I don’t want to buy government positions” and organized a charity concert in Savannakhet on 15 October 2018, with local performers and attended by thousands of people.

🚨Sadly, the police quickly shut the concert down and arrested people wearing the t-shirts, and ultimately denied to Muay and everyone participating in the concert their freedom of assembly and association.

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings

✊ Manushya firmly condemns the Lao government’s routine violations of the rights to freedom of assembly and association. Laos must uphold its international rights commitments and effectively guarantee the right to freedom of assembly and association to its people! Manushya Foundation will always stand in solidarity with Muay and call for her immediate release and the drop of all charges against her !

🔗 Learn more about Muay’s human rights work and story, and Manushya’s efforts to release her:

👉 Donate to Muay's family as Muay was the main breadwinner for her daughter and retired parents by clicking here:

👉 Sign our CHANGE.ORG PETITION: to #FreeMuay from jail in Laos!

👉 Share this post with your network and denounce the injustice!

👉 Use #FreeMuay to join the campaign and express your support for her. There is power in numbers!

While you are here...

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