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#JusticeForPhichit: Let's Fight Together for Corporate Accountability!

#JusticeForPhichit ⛏ After a gold mining company damaged their health, destroyed their environment, and took away their livelihood, Phichit villagers have been fighting for justice for 20 years. Now they need your support. 🗣 Help us have their voices heard and pressure the company to pay due compensation!

🙅🏽‍♀️ Justice delayed is justice denied! Phichit villagers have been fighting gold mining operations in their village for almost twenty years. They lost their livelihoods and suffered serious health issues due to chemical residues leaked from the mine. The mining company Akara Resources still hasn’t paid them appropriate compensation and instead of finding justice at the court, the hearing date of their class-action lawsuit has been postponed 6 times, since February 2020!

📍 Meanwhile, the community suffers from severe health issues caused by the chemicals and they face malnutrition as they had to abandon their traditional farming lifestyle due to soil contamination. Even their groundwater has been polluted and only a handful of the community members received any drinking water aid at all! Both the Government and Akara Resources left the villagers to their own means, disregarding their urgent situation and needs.

✊🏽 But the community has never given up and continues to fight in a class-action lawsuit. Now, they demand due compensation for:

✔️ Their loss of livelihood

✔️ Negative health impacts they have been experiencing

✔️ Damage to their environment and natural resources

At Manushya Foundation, we have been supporting the Phichit community through legal empowerment training sessions, subgrants, and advocacy work - amplifying their voices at the national and international levels. Help us spread the word!

You can help #Phichit villagers by ⤵️

👉🏼 Learning more about the #JusticeForPhichit campaign here.

👉🏼 Use #JusticeForPhichit and denounce #CorporateCapture

👉🏼 Share this post with your network!

👉🏼 Directly support the community with a donation to:

Kasikorn Bank

No. 001-8-68961-8

(Community Leaders joint account for #JusticeForPhichit - Premsinee Sintontammatuch,

Sirirat Taitong, Chatchadapon Lorsap)

🎨 Illustration by: @notvalentinaleoni





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