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Lao PDR’s ruthless crackdown on critics strips Lao human rights defenders from basic human rights.

#FreedomOfExpression ⚖️ Lao PDR’s ruthless crackdown on critics strips Lao human rights defenders from basic human rights.

🗣 Leaders in authoritarian states such as Lao PDR know that their power cannot exist in a society with a strong, independent civil society and media. For this exact reason, Lao human rights defenders, critical agents of change for democracy, are the prime targets of the Lao government’s harassment, intimidation and prosecution campaigns.

📣 Houayheuang ‘Muay’ Xayabouly, Joseph Akaravong, Od Sayavong, Lodkham Thammavong, Somphone Phimmasone and Soukan Chaithad are a handful of the many Lao HRDs who bravely spoke up against the government and faced harsh repression as a result.

🚨 Lao PDR’s highly severe treatment of political prisoners involves numerous cases of arbitrary arrests, torture and even enforced disappearances which largely contribute to the country’s grim human rights records.

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings

✊ Manushya stands in complete solidarity with all Human Rights Defenders and calls on the Lao government to immediately proceed to their release! Lao PDR must comply with its international human rights obligations and allow the existence of a peaceful civil society! 🇱🇦

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