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#ProtectQueerKids: Why Family Acceptance for LGBTIQ+ Youth Matters

Family is vital for all of us, it is what we care about first and foremost. Especially for LGBTIQ+ youth, family acceptance and support mean a lot when it comes to psychological and mental well-being. Unfortunately, for LGBTIQ+ youth, their family is too often a source of hostility or violence, pressure to conform to patriarchal norms, and even exclusion and discrimination.

"I accept LGBTIQ+ people as long as they are not my children"

Asian parenting style always comes with expectations and conditions for the children, and it’s a lot harder when it comes to LGBTIQ+ youth. They are expected to achieve something, or even every aspect of their lives, in order to receive acceptance from their families. They have to push themselves so hard to gain the love, support, and acceptance of their parents and to prove that they are worthy of love and respect as LGBTIQ+ individuals. But that's not true!

🌈 LGBTIQ+ people deserve to be loved, respected, and to be treated as #EqualHumanBeings if they are successful in any area of their lives or not!

#WeAreManushyan ♾️ Equal Human Beings

✊🏼 Manushya Foundation will always stand with the LGBTIQ+ community, including LGBTIQ+ youth and children in demanding and making a change in society to make sure the day will come when we are all treated equally.

How did Manushya Foundation take action on this matter?

➡️ Read our UPR Advocacy Factsheet on Situation of LGBTIQ+ Persons, including LGBTIQ+ Youth & Children in Thailand to learn more.



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