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Recap from 'LGBTQI Digital Media Activism and Counter-hate Speech – Experiences from Asia & Europe'

🏳️‍🌈📺 Recap from 'LGBTQI Digital Media Activism and Counter-hate Speech – Experiences from Asia and Europe'

#FreedomOfExpression 📌 What are the experiences of LGBTIQ+ persons in Italy, Thailand, and Asia? How can we ensure that anti-hate speech laws are enforced to protect LGBTIQ+ persons, not against them? What is the role of digital media in getting the LGBTIQ+ community closer to equality?

📣 To share insights on these significant present-day issues, Emilie Pradichit, Founder and Executive Director of Manushya Foundation, joined Sara Gabai, Author and Communication Expert and Henry Koh, Executive Director of ILGA Asia at the book launch for ‘LGBTQI Digital Media Activism and Counter-hate Speech in Italy’ on December 14 at SEA Junction, BACC.

#MarriageEquality 🇹🇭 In Thailand, contrary to the misguided perception that it is a “LGBTIQ+ paradise,” LGBTIQ+ people are still treated as second class citizens. For instance, the Civil Partnership Bill, promoted as an alternative to marriage equality, is just a proof of how LGBTIQ+ individuals in Thailand are being alienated from cisgender heterosexual people in the eyes of the law, and denied equal rights. The sexist and patriarchal Constitutional Court ruling of 17 November 2021 outlawing marriage equality is also evidence that the country is being ruled by conservatives, not understanding the realities of the LGBTIQ+ individuals in Thailand and even comparing them to « animals ». This type of court decision can only perpetuate and encourage « hate-speech ».

🏛⛔️ “If you have a law that criminalizes hate speech, without a law that protects the rights of LGBTIQ+ individuals, the anti-hate speech law can be used against the community. The first step is to recognize the rights of LGBTIQ+ community – that LGBTIQ+ rights are human rights,” said Emilie Pradichit.

Thank you again to Sara Gabai for inviting us to share our views for your book launch. Congratulations again on your amazing book 🌈

➡️ Watch the full panel discussion

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings

✊ Manushya Foundation stands in solidarity with the LGBTIQ+ community. We urge that governments around the world recognize LGBTIQ+ persons as #EqualHumanBeings and guarantee them protections against discrimination, hate crimes, and hate speech. As Emilie stressed during the panel discussion, “Your silence will not protect us”!


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