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#SexWorkersRightsAreHumanRights: Happy Sex Worker Pride Day!

#SexWorkersRightsAreHumanRights ✊🏻 Happy Sex Worker Pride Day!💖

📍Sex Worker Pride Day is observed annually on 14th September to honor the sex workers' community, celebrate their achievements and share stories of sex workers' self-determination. We salute the tireless efforts of colleagues everywhere to secure rights and safety for all sex workers.

🌟 To put light on the exploitation they often face due to their occupation, today and every day, we work in solidarity with #sexworkers & their ongoing struggles for rights & safety.

To #DecriminalizeSexWork means to recognize that #SexWorkIsWork and protect the rights of sex workers through #laborlaw, and workplace health and safety regulations, including equal support in times such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

👉🏻 When sex work is decriminalized, sex workers can push for safer working conditions and use the justice system to seek remedy for discrimination and abuse!

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings

✊ Sex workers, including sex workers facing intersectional forms of discrimination, such as women, indigenous peoples, ethnic minorities or LGBTIQ+ persons are Equal Human Beings with equal rights! 🤍✨

While you’re here…

👉🏻 Check out Manushya's UPR Factsheet The Rights of Sex Workers, 29 September 2021

👉🏻 #FightRacism Check out our Joint Civil Society Shadow Report for CERD review: Thailand is a Paradise but only for the 1%!, 25 October 2021, and learn about intersectional discrimination many sex workers face in Thailand!

👉🏻 Check out Sex Workers are Equal Human Beings: We have to end violence against them!, International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers, 17 December.


Center for Gender & Sexual Health Equity, Sex Worker Pride, (14 September 2020), available at:



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