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Interview on Thailand's Mass COVID-19 Vaccination Program: Stop Ethnic Bias & Threat to Free Speech!

On 7 June 2021, during a LIVE Interview with A News, Our Founder & Director Emilie Palamy Pradichit talked about the ethnic bias towards non-Thai nationals in the mass vaccination campaign which kicked off on the same day in Thailand.

She talked about how difficult it is for foreigners to register and access vaccination. The Thai government prioritizes Thai nationals while pretending that foreigners will benefit from the vaccination on an equal basis.

The Thai government has also been silencing critics of its response to COVID-19 on the internet by categorizing them as “fake news”. The new “fake news center” launched last month under the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) is going after so-called 'false information' around COVID-19 but we believe it is meant to stop people from criticizing the government’s pandemic management, with vaccinations and vaccine doses being very delayed.

We urge the Thai Government to ensure everyone in Thailand can access COVID-19 vaccination on an equal basis! We have ZERO TOLERANCE for ethnic bias and the Thai Government must comply with its international human rights obligations under the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination! We also condemn the Thai government’s weaponization of COVID-19 to silence people! Our freedom of speech must be protected!


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