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Thai Police Violence is against Human Rights Standards!

Thai Police Violence is VS. Human Rights Standards!

Yesterday, 7 August 2021 #ม็อบ7สิงหา, Pro-democracy protesters led by #FreeYOUTH took the streets to call on the military-backed government to respect their 3 demands:

  1. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha must resign immediately #PrayutGetOut

  2. The monarchy and military budgets must be reduced and re-allocated to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic!

  3. #mRNA vaccines must become the main vaccines administrated in Thailand, instead of Sinovac vaccine, imported from China and in which CP Group (one of Thai leading business companies) has acquired 15% stake (in Sinovac Life Sciences).

But, protesters were met with police extreme brutality! Tear gas and rubber bullets were fired! Taser guns and water cannons were also used against protesters! The media was boxed by the police in Din Daeng, near the Vibhavadi intersection, and could not move much, making it difficult for them to report on #WhatsHappeningInThailand.

Worse, three reporters were also shot by the police while two of them were wearing the bands issued by the police that were supposed to prevent incidents like this from occurring!! True vision also blocked the BBC's coverage of last night's protests! Welcome to the Land of Compromise!

As a reminder and according to the #UnitedNations “Water cannon should only be used in situations of serious public disorder where there is a significant likelihood of loss of life, serious injury or the widespread destruction of property”. That was clearly not the case at yesterday’s protest. The Thai military-backed government has once again proved it is a #Dictatorship.

➡️ We all agree that 👉🏼 PRAYUT MUST GO for badly managing the COVID-19 pandemic, using violence on protesters, and for turning Thailand into a Dictatorship!

📣 Remember this: People are in the streets to get you out Prayut!

✊🏻 They want a real #Democracy & they won’t give up!

✊🏻 You have to treat them as Equal #HumanBeings #WeAreManushyan

✊🏻 You have no right to do what you did! You must respect #HumanRights!

Manushya Foundation condemns the police brutality & use of tear gas, rubber bullets, taser guns, and water cannons against unarmed protesters, violating Thailand’s international Human Rights obligations. We stand in solidarity & defense of protesters and we also condemn the ongoing arrests and criminalization of protest leaders.

We call on the Thai military-backed government and the #Monarchy to desist from repeating the violations of the past. They must listen and follow people's voices and demands!

Thank you a million to Tanik Prasopsorn for the coverage of yesterday's protest!

🎥 All videos by Tanik Prasopsorn @mickey1845

📸 Photos by @mickey1845 and @gun_sangtong


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