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#ThammasatMassacre: 6 October 1976 - Impunity Over Student Killings


🚨 45 years ago today, on 6 October 1976, the Thammasat Massacre or as Thai people know as #6ตุลา (The 6 October event), took place ~ Thai police used war-grade weapons, including assault rifles, grenades launchers, and anti-armor rounds against students protesting for #Democracy 👉🏼 killing many of them ☠️

The Thammasat Massacre is one of Thailand’s most brutal crackdown on civilians and killings of students. Over four decades now, and after such a shocking and tragic event, there is still much ambiguity surrounding the massacre, with continued impunity as no perpetrator has ever been brought to justice. Many victims were still unidentified and missing, and even history textbooks barely mentioned the massacre; leaving it to be lost in time.

🚫 However, this can never be forgotten!! We should always remember the 1976 Thammasat Massacre as a shocking and eerie display of violence and brutality being committed by Thai authorities against unarmed civilians, resulting in the killings of students, the future of a Nation!

🙏🏻 For this 45th Anniversary, let us remember those who fought for democracy and freedom. Let us pray for those who were lost to the violence that should have never happened, let us remember what they were fighting for, and let us remember their bravery.

✊🏻 We cannot let it happen again.

✊🏻 We must not allow it.

📢 With the current Pro-democracy protests, Manushya Foundation stands in solidarity and defense of Thailand’s Youth students and all peaceful protesters demanding justice, equality, and true democracy. We call on the Thai government and authorities to desist from repeating the violations of the past & ensure everyone remains safe.

🔗 Access an online archive of all documents relating to the 1976 Thammasat Massacre including pictures, newspaper, official documents, and even voice records here.




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