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#WIN ⚖️🏳️‍🌈 Today is a Victory! We #StopSLAPP and #SaveNada!

#WIN ⚖️🏳️‍🌈 Today is a VICTORY! We #StopSLAPP & #SaveNada!

💭 Do you remember Nada Chaiyajit, our Human Rights Campaign Advisor & intersex transwoman human rights defender? She was summoned by a Move Forward Party politician and businessman for publishing social media posts denouncing him for having sexually harassed his employee. Put simply, she was sued for exposing a case of human rights violation and standing by justice.

#Victory 🏛⚖️ Today (Dec 21), the Ratchada Criminal Court dismissed the defamation SLAPP case brought against Nada. The Court found that according to section 329(3) of the Criminal Code, Nada expressed her opinion in good faith “by way of fair comment on any person or thing subjected to public criticism”. She simply had the intention of calling for the Move Forward Party to investigate the facts perpetrated by their member, which they did. The court also ruled that Nada acted as a human rights defender who was protecting the rights of the victim of sexual harassment.

🔇 #SLAPP cases by powerful actors are meant to silence critical voices and undermine scrutiny. The real objective of SLAPPs is not to win a court case, but to judicially harass, silence, and overwhelm the person sued through protracted legal proceedings, excessive costs, and the related psychological burden.

#WeAreManushyan ♾️ Equal Human Beings

✊ At Manushya, we stand strong against SLAPPs and call on the Thai government to decriminalize defamation and enact a stand-alone anti-SLAPP law that would protect our freedom of expression, our freedom to assembly, and our fundamental rights to petition as human rights defenders.

📍 Featured in the pictures:

📸 Picture 1: #WeAreManushyan - Nada Chaiyajit & Manushya Team! ♾❤️

📸 Picture 2: Nada Chaiyajit & Emilie Pradichit (Founder & ED of Manushya Foundation)

📸 Picture 3: Nada Chaiyajit & our amazing Lawyers partners from the Trust Me Law Firm (Thailand) ❤️

📸 Picture 4: Nada Chaiyajit, Emilie Pradichit & Khun Nateepat Kulsetthasith (MP of the Move Forward Party showing support to Nada) ❤️

📸 Picture 5: Nada Chaiyajit & ณภัทร ครุฑไทย from TEAK Trans-Empowerment (Thailand) ❤️

📸 Picture 6: Nada Chaiyajit & ‘Priest’ Natakamon Siwasilp from Intersex Thailand ❤️

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