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#BizHumanRights #StopSLAPP: Nada spoke up to protect Human Rights Defenders at the #UNForumBHR 2022!

#BizHumanRights #StopSLAPP 📣 Nada spoke up to protect Human Rights Defenders at the #UNForumBHR 2022! #SavaNada

#StopSLAPP 📢 Manushya's Human Rights Campaign Advisor, Nada Chaiyajit spoke at the official session: "Defending rights: the essential role of HRDs for business accountability" during the 11th United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights in Geneva!

❗ Nada had a powerful intervention, giving a firsthand testimony on the dire state of the protection of Human Rights Defenders in Thailand. She also shared her own story of facing reprisals for her legitimate human rights work as she is currently facing a criminal defamation SLAPP suit launched by a Thai businessman, after she denounced the sexual harassment he perpetrated against a transgender woman working at his company. #SaveNada

🗣️ Nada also spoke up for the other 450 women human rights defenders, who have faced judicial harassment and threats since the military coup in Thailand in 2014.

✊ She called on enforcing strong anti-SLAPP law to protect human rights defenders from SLAPP lawsuits used by the business sector as a weapon to silence and exhaust human rights defenders!

“Safe space must be created, in a form of meaningful participation. What I mean is that you must pay attention to those affected by your business operations and those who are most at risk.”

Nada Chaiyajit, Human Rights Campaign Advisor at Manushya Foundation

📲 Watch Nada's full intervention on Youtube:

#WeAreManusyhan - Equal Human Beings

🔗 While you’re here, read more about our advocacy during the #UNForumBHR, and our work fighting for real corporate accountability and against Nada's unlawful SLAPP suit:


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