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Transgender Remembrance Day: We must combat transphobic violence! 🌈🏳️‍⚧️

💡 On #TransgenderRemembranceDay, we pay tribute to Rita Hester, an African American transgender woman who was killed in 1998 because of who she was! Let's never forget her story!

Rita, originally from Hartford, Connecticut was a lively and loved member of the local black trans community with many friends and lust for life. She was stabbed to death inside of her own apartment two days before her 35th birthday. This gruesome murder & act of transphobic violence has never been resolved.

🚨 But the fight of the transgender community is far from over, even more than twenty years after Rita's death. In Thailand, transgender persons face violence, harassment and hate speech both online and offline that has very serious impacts on their mental health and well-being. Being dehumanized by society, they often become victims of sexual assaults that are not taken seriously enough by the police - just because they are trans!

📣 How can you help?

📍 Educate yourself on transgender issues and raise awareness among your friends and family.

📍 Find out how you can support transgender persons in your community or country - get in touch with fantastic Transgender activists from Manushya Foundation, ILGA Asia, Young Pride Club & ASEAN SOGIE Caucus to see how you can get involved! ✊

Manushya Foundation urges governments to legally recognize the rights of transgender persons and provide them with sufficient protection from transphobic violence ❤️

#WeAreManushyan - Equal Human Beings

🏳️‍🌈 Manushya Foundation will always stand in solidarity with Transgender people!

💙 We Love You

💙 We See You

💙 We Hear You

💙 We Stand with You

✊ Learn more about transgender issues!

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👉🏼 Learn about issues of LGBTIQ+ community in Thailand from our UPR factsheet here.

👉🏼 Follow us on social media for more content on transgender issues in Thailand!


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