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Urgent Appeal: Restoring Connectivity and Respecting Human Rights in Gaza

In this dire situation, the MENA Alliance for Digital Rights, alongside numerous civil society organizations, strongly condemns Israel's recent actions in Gaza.

🌐 Israel's actions have led to a near-total blackout of the internet and electricity in Gaza, leaving 2.3 million people in distress. The impact has been catastrophic, with over 3,500 civilian casualties, 12,000 injuries, and more than a million people forced from their homes in just two weeks. Such actions are not only inhumane but also constitute a breach of international law.

🚫 Denying access to essential humanitarian aid during a siege is a war crime, and it's vital that these actions are recognized as such.

📶 The situation goes beyond the current escalation, with Israel maintaining control over Palestinian territories' telecommunications infrastructure for years. This has deprived Palestinians of their fundamental right to access safe, affordable, and quality internet.

💔 During past military offensives, Israel has repeatedly targeted crucial internet infrastructure, causing devastating blackouts that only added to the suffering of the people.

📡 In the most recent events, Israel has strategically attacked civilian telecommunications infrastructure to prevent the broadcasting of the atrocities happening on the ground. Such actions have been documented by organizations like the Internet Outage Detection and Analysis and the #KeepitOn coalition.

🌍 The consequences of these actions are far-reaching, leaving Gaza cut off from the world and its people unable to access life-saving information. In times of war, the internet plays a fundamental role in personal safety and the documentation of human rights violations and war crimes.

🤝 We urge the international community to act swiftly to support the restoration of telecommunications services and ensure the protection of international and humanitarian law.

🤞We stand united in our call with the MENA Alliance for Digital Rights and other civil society organizations in condemning, in the strongest terms, Israel’s targeting of the means of communication and access to information in Gaza!

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings

Read the statement here ▶️


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