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#WeAreJustTransition: It’s time for a Just, Feminist, Green & Inclusive Transition!

24 November 2022, Bangkok - Manushya Foundation, Thai Climate Justice for All (TCJA), Green South Foundation, the Thai CSOs Coalition for the UPR, the Thai Business & Human Rights Network, and numerous community and civil society partners, newly united as the #WeAreJustTransition Movement launched The People’s Declaration for a Just, Feminist, Green, and Inclusive Transition on Energy, Environment, Natural Resources, and Forests, at a press conference held at the Elizabeth hotel, in Bangkok, on 18 November 2022. In the Declaration, the coalition introduced its key demands to the COP27 and APEC2022 international fora, the Thai government, and the private sector, ensuring their voices are heard in the current climate emergency and the push for a Just, Feminist, Green, and Inclusive Transition.

Despite Thailand being among the top 10 countries in the world impacted by climate change,[1] the Thai government is not doing enough to tackle this challenge and resorts to greenwashing and superficial promises, as explained by Krisada Boonchai, Coordinator of the TCJA which is a part of the Movement:


Nittaya Muangklang, Community Leader representing the 14 Sab Wai villagers criminalized under Thailand’s false climate solutions said in this regard:

Katima Leeja, Lisu indigenous woman, member of the Indigenous Women’s Network of Thailand emphasized the commonality of our fight for climate justice:

Nada Chaiyajit, Manushya Foundation’s Human Rights Campaign Advisor, concluded:



The People’s Declaration was presented during the press conference ‘There Will Be No Just Transition Without Us’, held in Elizabeth Hotel in Bangkok on 18 November 2022. Nada Chaiyajit moderated the session and set the context of the establishment of the Just Transition Movement. Prominent speakers included:






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