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All You Need to Know About the #WeAreJustTransition Movement!

#WeAreJustTransition #KeepItInTheGround 🌏✊ We united as the #WeAreJustTransition Movement to fight against false climate solutions, greenwashing, and to end fossil fuels!

🔴 We had enough! Local communities in Thailand are done with being sidelined, criminalized, harassed, and intimidated by the Thai government while their lives are in danger of climate change! They demand real #ClimateJustice ✊🏼

How do we push back?

🔥 Last week, Manushya Foundation, Thai Climate Justice for All, Green South Foundation, members of the Thai CSOs Coalition for the UPR, Thai BHR Network, and grassroots founded the #WeAreJustTransition Movement! ✊ During the two-day workshop, members exchanged how development programs and business operations put their lives at risk and shared concerns about the government's greenwashing and false climate solutions. Among many others, these amazing Feminists, environmental and human rights defenders, spoke at the workshop!

📢 Nada Chaiyajit, Manushya Foundation's Human Rights Campaign Advisor, explained how to access justice through the United Nations Human Rights Mechanisms, which can also be used to fight back against unfair governments and harmful businesses:

“UN human rights mechanisms are in place to help those who have been disregarded or marginalized by the government. Please don’t give up. These mechanisms can bring about change. [...] UN mechanisms can act as a shelter that shields us from the storms by relieving some of the pressure resulting from the violations of our basic rights, and put that pressure back onto unfair governments and harmful businesses, for them to be held into account for their rights abuses!”

📢 Krisada Boonchai, Coordinator of the Thai Climate Justice for All, stressed the lack of government accountability for its false climate solutions:

“We used to make a living and build our cultures on reliable seasons and weather patterns, but now that the weather is unpredictable, livelihoods are affected. If we are not able to earn money out of the same ways of living because of climate change, we have to find another job. People are also migrating more and more. However, governments are not aware of how climate change is impacting local communities. They are only talking about climate change from a scientific or economic perspective.”

📢 Katima Leeja, Indigenous Woman Human Rights Defender representing Northern Lisu indigenous peoples and the Indigenous Women’s Network of Thailand (IWNT), including anti-mining #SaveOmkoi, exposed the cost of these false climate solutions:

“The carbon market is a false climate solution and the way it has too often been improperly implemented has turned it into yet another greenwashing tool for governments. In Thailand, the way the government implemented the carbon market has resulted in local communities being evicted from their land to make way for tree plantations. A greener future should not result in people losing their livelihood.”

#WeAreManushyan - Equal Human Beings

🚨 As the #WeAreJustTransition Movement, we will continue to fight together! Read our demands listed in the People’s Declaration for a Just, Feminist, Green and Inclusive Transition on Energy, Environment, Natural Resources, and Forests where we demand the Thai government, the private sector, and international fora such as #COP27 and #APEC2022 to phase out fossil fuels, stop greenwashing & comply with international human rights!

While You're here...

#JustTransition 📰 Read about our Just Transition Workshop, #WeAreJustTransition Movement and the People's Declaration

➡️ News Release: #WeAreJustTransition Movement: It’s time for a Just, Feminist, Green & Inclusive Transition with people-driven energy solutions to end greenwashing and phase out fossil fuels!, 24 November 2022

➡️ People’s Declaration for a Just, Feminist, Green and Inclusive Transition on Energy, Environment, Natural Resources, and Forests, 18 November 2022

📹 Watch our Nov. 18 Press Conference to see the #WeAreJustTransition Movement launching our People's Declaration!

👉 Stay tuned! Follow our upcoming news about the #WeAreJustTransitionMovement


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