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Become a #Manushyan: Social Media Strategist & Digital Marketer!

Come join our Team #WeAreManushyan! We are looking for a kick-ass Social Media Strategist & Digital Marketer who will bring us to the NEXT LEVEL!

Check out who we are looking for and if you think you are THE ONE, apply on our partner's website DEVCURATE, as they are handling the recruitment process for us!

Social Media Strategist & Digital Marketer

Vision & Branding

  • Develop Manushya’s social media strategy and pillars of content

  • Market Manushya’s new branding ‘We Are Manushyan - Equal Human Beings’ to build an engaged community that resonates with it

Grow the online presence: Reach & Interactions

  • Must establish objectives for our online presence to grow on a bi-monthly basis.

  • Must be able to track the online performance of the posts. Knowing how to read analytics in order to move in the right direction with data and stats to support your decision. Must know and effectively use analytics tools.

  • Can plan a content calendar (know when to post what etc.) but still will be able to adapt to any short-notice changes. Must know and effectively use social media scheduling tools.

  • When doing paid posts, you must be able to target the audience effectively and manage within the budget for the best outcome.

  • Must be knowledgeable in SEO and keywords (priority). Must know and effectively use content ideas tools.

  • Always adapt and know about new trending social media tools to ensure algorithm work for our social media platforms.

Build (followers) an Engaged Community on social media platforms ready to campaign with us!

  • Know how to engage the online community using social media tools on all social media platforms

  • Engage and respond to comments under the brand’s guidelines when necessary

  • Keep close relationships with engaged public figures and influencers, designers and illustrators to join our campaigns

  • Build social media partnerships and collabs with like-minded influencers and accounts

General qualifications

  • Must have an advanced degree in digital marketing or solid experiences.

  • Must have proven successful experience in digital marketing with clear results

  • Must know how to effectively use social media scheduling tools, analytics tools, design tools (Adobe Illustrator, Video-editing software, CANVA), WordPress, SEO tools and content ideas tools.

  • Must have interests in human rights, feminism, LGBTIQ+, the environment, equality and social justice.

  • Thai national only with an excellent-to-bilingual level of English.

  • Able to manage a team of online content creators.

How to apply

👉 Access DEVCURATE's recruitment process platform and follow the steps!

👉 Click here.


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