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#FreeUyghur 🚨There is nothing to celebrate about #GenocideGames!

❌On the 4th of February, the Olympic Games will begin in Beijing. We shouldn't celebrate when millions of Uyghur Muslims are deported, parked in camps, and enslaved. We shouldn't celebrate when Uyghur Muslims are arrested, tortured and killed in concentration camps, with Uyghur women used as forced labour, being forcibly sterilized, tortured, and raped.

🚨 The state-sponsored genocide against the Uyghur Muslim minority is nothing new - the Chinese government has been trying to annihilate the Tibetan nation and culture for decades. The Olympic Games also come at a time of shrinking civic space and growing censorship in Hongkong where the freedom of expression is already becoming a distant dream!

✊ Manushya Foundation calls on the governments to stand against the Olympic Games in Beijing and the Chinese government's disregard for human rights!

#WeAreManushyan - Equal Human Beings

✊We support the diplomatic boycott involving countries like the United States, Australia or Canada. The Chinese state’s cruelties against the Uyghur people are a clear violation of the 1948 United Nations Genocide Convention. China must be held accountable for all the suffering and torture it had caused!

Join us and stand in solidarity with the #UyghurMuslims!

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🎨 Powerful illustration by @tjeerdroyaards (IG)


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