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Help us push for the Torture & Enforced Disappearance Law to be passed! #ItCouldBeYou

#ItCouldBeYou ⚠️ Help us push for the Torture & Enforced Disappearance Law to be passed so no one ever has to fall victim to an enforced disappearance again!

📍 Today, 8 September 2021, the Parliament will debate on the draft Torture and Enforced Disappearance Bill. Without criminalizing torture and enforced disappearance, the authorities who commit torture and force people to be disappeared will always enjoy impunity from the lack of the law and will never be punished. It has to become a CRIME!

We call on everyone to join us in putting pressure on Thai lawmakers by sharing our post, posting, and using #ItCouldBeYou hashtag to back demand for Thai MPs to pass the torture and enforced disappearance law NOW! It cannot wait for the next Parliamentary session! No one shall be at risk of being tortured or of disappearing just because they Speak #Truth to Power!

For more information about the drafting process of the bill, please see the infographic below:

👉 Share our blog using #ItCouldBeYou hashtag with your network to raise awareness! The more people know about it, the better we can fight back together.

✊ You can help by speaking out and encouraging the passage of the proposed anti-torture and enforced disappearance law. We need you to make NOISE!


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