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#NGOsForThePeople 🚨 The NGO Bill is a danger to the whole civil society in Thailand!

#NGOsForThePeople 🚨 The NGO Bill is a danger to the whole civil society in Thailand! Let's fight against this deeply flawed bill together and show the Government that nonprofits need to be allowed to operate freely! ✊

📍 Each year, nonprofits in Thailand help millions of people feed their families, access healthcare and education, and find jobs. They also work hard to strengthen democratic processes, safeguard the environment, and reduce poverty. The NGO Bill will make it hard for nonprofits to do this important work.

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Why is the draft NGO Law a danger to democracy in Thailand?, (17 June 2021), available at: https://www.manushyafoundation.org/post/why-is-the-draft-ngo-law-a-danger-to-democracy-in-thailand