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#Selfcare: Choosing REST&PLAY over exhaustion in a culture that glorifies busyness takes courage.

“It takes courage to say YES to REST & PLAY, in a culture where exhaustion is seen as status symbol” 💖💆🛀🌼 quote by Brene Brown. #Repost #Selfcare

An important reminder for all Manushyans: remember to put YOURSELF first ❤️🙏 Be kind to yourself, breathe, cherish the small things and allow yourself to be vulnerable. Stepping back and taking a breath are affirmations of inner strength, compassion, and personal growth, not measures of failure✨

Think about your #Selfcare tips, routine and share! Let’s help each other to be kind & loving to ourselves!

🎨Amazing illustration by @hannah_neese

#WeAreManushyan ♾️ Equal Human Beings


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