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SLAPPed: Phichit Villagers Push Back Against Corporate Harassment & Intimidation!

#JusticeForPhichit ✊ Since 2001, over 6,000 villagers have been severely affected by the operations of a gold mining company Akara Resources. Ever since, the villagers' livelihoods and health worsened, and the environment they live in and the natural resources they are dependent on have become heavily polluted. Villagers who pushed back against the company faced judicial harassment and Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP) charges.

⚠️ SLAPPs are a common tool of corporations to silence, harass, intimidate and exhaust human rights defenders who fight against impunity and demand their rights to be respected. In the case of Phichit villagers, Akara Resources has sued community members for alleged defamation when they posted information about the company on social media and even tried to limit their rights to peaceful assembly, association and freedom of movement.

#SavePremsinee ⚠️ Especially the community leader Ms. Premsinee has become the target of SLAPP charges from the company. Trying to stop her human rights work in the community, the company has sued her several times and she even faces a SLAPP case right now!

👉 Akara will not stop until Ms. Premsinee gives up on her fight, leading her community to claim their rights in the face of corporate abuse. But neither Ms. Premsinee nor the community are giving up!

“Even though I am not scared, I am worried about this case, because compared to Akara, I have less power, there is a power imbalance. If Akara would have ethics, it would not sue small people like me. [...] This case clearly demonstrates that the company aims to threaten me and other villagers.” - Ms. Premsinee, Phichit Community Leader ✊

❗If Ms. Premsinee refuses to give up, so does Manushya Foundation! The fact is, we will never give up on the unaccountable & irresponsible corporations that put profit over People and the Planet! We need to stop Akara Resources from abusing the community ✊

⏩ Manushya Foundation stands against corporate capture and putting profit over People and the Planet. We also stand in solidarity with the affected villagers, and we will continue to fight together to make sure their rights are respected, protected, and fulfilled!

#WeAreManushyan ♾️ Equal Human Beings

How can you support the villagers and bring #JusticeForPhichit?

  • Share this story with your network and denounce the injustice!

  • Use #JusticeForPhichit & #SavePremsinee to join the campaign and express your support for the villagers. There is power in numbers!

  • Consider donating to the Phichit community. Donations will be used to cover expenses related to the their class-action lawsuit demanding fair and adequate compensation and bring justice! Access details here.

While you're here...

➡️ Find out more about our #CorporateAccountability impact and work to bring #JusticeForPhichit & #SavePremsinee!


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