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Thailand: Constitutional Court ruled call for Royal Reform is an attempt to overthrow the Monarchy!

#BREAKING 🚨 As the Thai government is held accountable for its human rights violations during its 3rd #UPR review today, the Constitutional Court just ruled that Rung, Mike and Arnon's legitimate call for monarchy reform amounts to an attempt to overthrow the Constitutional Monarchy. The Court found the Activists' speeches during the August 2020 protests in contradiction with Section 49 of the Thai Constitution and ordered their groups to ‘immediately stop such act’.

With this ruling, the Court sets a dangerous legal precedent for Thailand that will have a huge impact on the eventual verdicts from the Criminal Court on all #112 lèse-majesté cases against political activists. The Court's ruling also legitimizes the military-backed government’s current weaponization of Section 112 (royal defamation) in order to intimidate and suppress opposition, including against Move Forward Party Leaders and pro-democracy activists!

We stand in solidarity with the Pro-democracy Movement and all detained political activists in Thailand! Calling for Monarchy #Reform is a legitimate act under a real democracy and rule of law. We are worried this ruling could result in the 3 Activists facing #treason charges; if found guilty they could face the inhumane death penalty sentence! There is no #Democracy in the criminalization of activists and #HRDs!


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