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Thailand: What is a NAP-BHR & Why We Don’t Want It?

#StopNAP-ping ⛔ In the field of business and human rights, a National Action Plan on Business & Human Rights (NAP-BHR) is defined as an “evolving policy strategy developed by a State to protect against adverse human rights impacts by business enterprises in conformity with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs).”

🚩 The NAP-BHR shall be a ‘smart mix’ of measures: the right combination of mandatory, voluntary, national and international measures that is needed to effectively foster business respect for human rights.

❗Up to this date, Thailand has 1 NAP-BHR that was launched on 29 October 2019, set for a 3-year working period until the end of 2022. This year will be the final year for the evaluation of progress made between 2019-2022 under the NAP-BHR 1. Meanwhile, a draft NAP-BHR 2 is currently open for public comments (until 19 October 2022) and will cover a 4-year period (2023-2027).

🚩 Turns out, NAP-BHR 1 is not enough... It is an ineffective tool - it is a workplan for meetings - including only weak voluntary actions that barely promote responsible business and don't hold companies accountable. NAP-BHR 1 even failed to tackle corporate impunity and bring justice to affected communities and marginalized groups!

👉 Manushya Foundation, the Thai BHR Network & human rights defenders united their voices and staged a small protest during the Asia-Pacific UN Responsible Business and Human Rights Forum 2022 (#RBHRF2022), inside the United Nations, to denounce the ineffectiveness of the NAP-BHR 1 and call for real mandatory regulations to end corporate impunity! “Stop NAPping! National Action Plans on Business & Human Rights are not enough. We need legally binding measures to bring about real corporate accountability!", said Emilie Pradichit, Founder & Executive Director of Manushya Foundation, in a powerul statement while moderating the “CSO Safe Space” session ✊

✊ Not only we denounced the ineffectiveness of the NAP-BHR 1, but we also gathered to discuss the draft NAP-BHR 2 to develop comments we will submit to the Thai government. Like for the NAP-BHR 1, the draft NAP-BHR 2 is disappointing and does not include any mandatory measures to ensure mandatory human rights due diligence legislation (mHRDD) nor any anti-SLAPP measures to protect human rights defenders from mal-intentioned corporations.

🚨 Now, it's pretty clear why we don't want any NAP-BHR! We demand mandatory measures that put People and the Planet over profit! No more voluntary policy. Only real mandatory regulations can end corporate impunity!

#WeAreManushyan ♾️ Equal Human Beings

🗣️ Stay tuned for our updates! 👉 Manushya Foundation & #ThaiBHRNetwork are launching their NAP-BHR 1 Assessment & NAP-BHR 2 Comments on 20 October 2022. Be ready as we are preparing to tell the truth and push back on the government's lies!

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