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#WhatsHappeningInThailand: The never-ending #PoliceBrutality against pro-democracy protesters!

#ม็อบ11มิถุนายน65 #ม็อบ12มิถุนายน65 🚨 This past weekend the pro-democracy protesters clashed with police at Din Daeng intersection, demanding Prayut to resign and to release political prisoners!

After the protesters marched from the Democracy Monument to the Victory Monument to demand #PrayutOut and #ReleaseOurFriends, some protesters headed to the Din Daeng intersection. They were later blocked by units of crowd control police in full riot gear and a water cannon truck.

What we saw is #PoliceBrutality. The protesters even started letting out fireworks to protect themselves from the rubber bullets and full riot gear of the police! But the police and the Thai government are trying to shift the narrative by mudslinging that the violence came from the protesters and that they were ONLY shooting protesters with RUBBER BULLETS to 'fight back'.

But what's the truth? Police was the one approaching the protesters with violence and FULL-OPTION weapons! They even used the blue laser trying to damage the cameras and arbitrarily detained citizen journalists. Why? Because they want to conceal the truth and want the public to believe that the protesters initiated the violence! They're trying to shift the blame!

Today, Prayut publicly defended the police and threatened the pro-democracy youth against breaking the law. But freedom of expression is everyone's human right and cannot be met with violence!

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings

✊🏼 Manushya Foundation condemns police brutality and the excessive use of force against pro-democracy protesters. We stand in solidarity with the protesters demanding TRUE democracy and the release of political prisoners!

While you're here...

🔗 Learn more about challenges the pro-democracy movement faces in our UPR Factsheet on Civic Space in Thailand! Access here.


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