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💕#WorldMentalHealthDay: Amplifying Intersectional Feminist Voices 📣

🌍 Today is World Mental Health Day, and we're here to remind you that mental health is an intersectional feminist issue. At Manushya Foundation, we stand by the idea that everyone's mental well-being matters.

💡 Here is a reminder why World Mental Health Day is an intersectional feminist issue:

  • Gendered Mental Health Challenges: Traditional gender norms and stereotypes impact mental health. We're advocating for a world where individuals don't have to conform to rigid roles and can express themselves freely.

  • Combating Gender-based Violence: Gender-based violence affects mental health profoundly. We're raising our voices against domestic violence, harassment, and assault, working towards a world where everyone feels safe.

  • Reproductive Rights and Mental Health: Access to comprehensive reproductive health care is essential, which is why we’re fighting for reproductive rights that encompass mental health support.

  • LGBTQ+ Focus: LGBTQ+ individuals often face mental health challenges due to discrimination. We believe in amplifying LGBTQ+ voices in mental health advocacy for acceptance.

  • Prioritizing Self-care: Feminism encourages self-care and open discussions about mental health. We strive to promote self-care as activism, emphasizing mindfulness, therapy, and support networks.

  • Equitable Access to Services: Intersectional feminism demands equal access to mental health services. At Manushya Foundation, we continue to fight for equitable access, breaking down barriers for marginalized communities.

🌈 On World Mental Health Day, join us in amplifying the voices of young individuals, women, and marginalized genders. Let's advocate for mental health as a fundamental right for ALL!

Together, we can create a world where mental well-being knows no boundaries. 💪💚

Illustration credit to the incredible Chelsy Escalona (IG: chelsyescalona_art) 💕

#WeAreManushyan ♾️ Equal Human Beings


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