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#YouthDay: Celebrating the Power of Youth!

On 12 August 2021, we celebrated International Youth Day by highlighting the power of Youth in bringing change to the world!

At Manushya, we invest in our Youth. We provide them with the opportunity to lead initiatives and be at the forefront of change. Our youth are not only our future but they are our present. We believe in the power of youth, and especially young women, and invest in them!


80% of our Team members are below 30 and we have a team of young content creators!

We are not afraid of giving new high school graduates the opportunity to intern with us

Our interns can be 18+ and we believe in them. You don’t need a master’s degree to work with us! You just need to follow your HEART, have growth and leadership mindsets, and be a badass ready to speak out for #Equality and #Justice!

Meet Hrithi, Summer & Sun!

Today we celebrate Youth just like them.

By empowering our youth we can change the world.

Together we can build an inclusive, just, equal, and peaceful society.

Happy International Youth Day!


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