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Activists Tawan & Bam granted bail due to deteriorating health conditions after dry hunger strike

#WhatsHappeninginThailand ⚠️Tawan & Bam, pro-democracy activists who revoked their bail on Jan 16 and have been on dry hunger strike for 20 days, have been granted bail!

🚨 The Criminal Court and the Bangkok South Criminal Court have granted the activists bail following a request from the director of Thammasat University Hospital, who apprised that their life is in danger after a period of dry hunger strike. Tawan is permitted a one-month temporary release, while Bam’s bail is without conditions.

📣 But for the time being, they will continue to strike. Their lawyer stated that neither of them had been aware of the bail postings, and they declared they will not sign any bail documents today, if they are handed over to them. Tawan and Bam intend to consult with their lawyer tomorrow about the reasoning behind the release, and whether their three demands - justice system reform; release of all political prisoners; and all political parties to call for the abolition of both the lèse-majesté and sedition laws - will be met.

‼️ It’s worth noting that just today, the Criminal Court denied bail to 8 political activists, many of whom have been detained for over 200 days pre-trial. This could mean that courts might be refusing to consider Tawan and Bam’s demand regarding the release of prisoners of conscience.

Source: Prachatai English; The Reporters

#WeAreManushyan ♾️ Equal Human Beings

✊🏻 We stand in solidarity with Tawan, Bam, and all pro-democracy activists. The Thai government must protect their basic human rights, not violate them, and restore their freedom NOW!

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