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#IndigenousPeoplesDay: Indigenous Peoples' rights must be respected!

🌿 Today, August 9, marks International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. Let's have a look at the struggles faced by indigenous peoples in Thailand & what can be done to support them! ➡️ Swipe to learn more

In Thailand, the livelihoods of Indigenous Peoples are at risk. We have all followed the daily injustices they face, from the Bangkloi and Omkoi villagers to Billy's disappearance. At present, many indigenous groups are being prosecuted and evicted from their ancestral lands.

⚠️ Instead of treating indigenous peoples with respect and dignity, the Thai government wants to make them invisible. They face barriers to citizenship, which restricts their enjoyment and exercise of basic human rights. And without land rights, they become targets of criminal charges by the government, accusing them of encroaching on the forests even though they had lived there for generations!

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings

🌳 Indigenous peoples are the Guardians and Protectors of Forests. Their traditional ways of living have resisted for thousands of years, and everyone has so much to learn from them. On this day, we pay tribute to these amazing #HumanBeings, protectors of our #MotherNature, whose traditional knowledge can save lives and protect our Planet Earth.

✊🏻 Manushya Foundation also demands the Thai authorities to respect #IndigenousPeoples rights, recognize their indigenous status in Thai law, and protect them from corporate violence. It's time to treat indigenous peoples as Equal Human Beings!

Read more about our work to protect and promote Indigenous Peoples' rights ⬇️


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