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⛔Internet Behind Bars: Thailand's Net Freedom Rated 'Not Free' 🤐#NetFreedom #ThailandReport 🆘 🇹🇭

🌏💻 Global internet freedom continues to decline, impacting various countries, including Thailand 🇹🇭, while legal consequences for online expression and website blocking are on the rise worldwide 🌐, with China standing out as the worst offender. 🇨🇳

The latest report, “Freedom on the Net 2023: The Repressive Power of Artificial Intelligence” (FOTN Report), by Freedom House sheds light on internet freedom around the world. Manushya Foundation has co-authored this year's Thailand country report. It highlights the ongoing threats to internet freedom in Thailand including the state-sponsored disinformation campaigns, and surveillance, as well as the prosecution of pro-democracy activists and Thai netizens as an indicator of the deterioration of freedom of expression online! 🚨

🗣️According to Emilie Pradichit , Manushya Foundation’s Founder and Executive Director, “Thailand's digital democracy is under siege, with alarming weaponization of digital platforms against political opponents and youth democracy activists”.

👁️‍🗨️Within this narrative, the question of Artificial Intelligence (AI), this year’s report focus point, poses a non-negligible threat. Allie Funk, Research Director for Technology and Democracy and co-author of the FOTN Report reminds us that "Advances in artificial intelligence are a double-edged sword, offering promising benefits while also exacerbating the crisis for human rights online".

📣“Our right to privacy and security is under grave threat. In Thailand, the malevolent exploitation of AI and pervasive surveillance cast an ominous shadow over the country”, affirmed Darika Bamrungchok , Digital Security Trainer and Digital Rights Advocate at Thai Netizen Network.


In the words of Darika Bamrungchok, “(...) let it be known that in the face of this digital onslaught, we stand unwavering in our commitment to safeguarding our liberties, and we will not bow to intimidation or surveillance. We will persist in holding companies and governments accountable, asserting our rights until justice and freedom prevail”.

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings


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