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#IntersexAwarenessDay: Intersex Rights Are Human Rights!

"All human bodies are different, and intersex variations are a natural part of human diversity," said Tony Briffa.

🏳️‍🌈 Today, 26 October, marks Intersex Awareness Day to highlight human rights issues faced by intersex people. On this day, We stand with all our intersex friends, relatives, and persons ❤️

Intersex children all over the world are still being subjected to forced genital surgeries without their consent. These painful surgeries are often given in secret, and intersex children grow up without any knowledge of their identity!

Many also find the decision to determine their own sex is taken away from them at birth when parents and doctors make the determination upon the discovery that they are intersex. These surgeries can often lead to infertility, pain and mental suffering!

🌈 Manushya Foundation will always stand in solidarity with Intersex people!

💜 We Love You

💛 We See You

💛 We Hear You

💜 We Stand with You

Join us by sharing our blog to spread awareness! 💜💛💛💜

#WeAreManushyan = We Are Equal human beings! ♾️




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