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#IntersexDayOfRemembrance: Change society, not the bodies of intersex children!

🏳️‍🌈 Today, 8 November, marks Intersex Day of Remembrance, also known as #IntersexDayofSolidarity to honour the birthday of Herculine Barbin, a 19th-Century intersex person who was forced into the public eye after doctors found her to be intersex and whose short and often unhappy life highlights the need for increased acceptance of intersex people.

💜 While Intersex Awareness Day focuses on the creation of awareness and visibility of intersex people in society, Intersex Solidarity Day calls upon society and people to stand with intersex people and to work together towards enfranchising intersex people. It is observed to bring focus on the issues faced by intersex people and the need for reflection and political action!

💛 The goals of this day include education, showing the need to stop Intersex Genital Mutilation, upholding intersex rights to dignity and equality, equal access to prenatal medical care, and solidarity of intersex people and friends, families and supporters! ✊🏼

🌈 On this day we, Manushya Foundation, stand in solidarity with Intersex siblings! We all have to work together to build a future where no intersex children are forced to the binary of gender and denied of their true identity! Let's continue to spread awareness about the existence of intersex people and that their experiences matter and are just as valid as everybody else's. #WeAreManushyan = We Are Equal human beings! ♾️

🗣 Join us by sharing our blog to spread awareness!


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