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#8ปีรัฐประหาร57: It has been 8 YEARS and we're all still FIGHTING!

Eight years ago this past Sunday, Prayut Chan-o-cha staged a military Coup d’État against the democratically elected government and seized the power. The Thai people have had to live under a military junta since May 22, 2014. And later in 2019, Prayut was undemocratically elected as a Prime Minister using his power to design a new election system that favors him! 🚨

Since then, Thailand has undergone a drastic shrinking of basic human rights in both online and offline spaces. The military-backed government has further restricted the right to freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, freedom of association, and much more by weaponizing cyber laws and Section 112, and by cracking down on the pro-democracy movement to silence anyone from speaking truth to power! Even worse, the Prayut government has also undermined local communities' rights by promoting businesses and profits over people and the planet!

💥 But the power of the People has never faded. We have seen so many pro-democracy movements throughout these past 8 years fighting for REAL democracy and human rights in all aspects! And the fight is not over! Chadchart Sittipunt's democratically winning an election for Bangkok's first elected governor in 9 years last Sunday truly shows the power and the will of the People that we want REAL democracy! The end of dictatorship is NEAR!

So, how did Manushya Foundation join the fight in pushing back and fighting against the military government so far?

➡️ To combat the human rights violation from the military-backed government against the Thai netizens in online space, we launched and lobbied political parties to reform the Cybersecurity Act with our proposed amendments: 'Thailand’s Cybersecurity Act'. Also, we developed the ‘Freedom on the Net country report for Thailand 2020’, and ‘Freedom on the Net country report for Thailand 2021’ together with Freedom House, exploring the digital rights situation yearly in Thailand. Stay tuned as we will launch the 2022 edition in October 2022!

➡️ We also developed the ‘Digital Rights in Thailand: UPR Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review for Thailand’s Third UPR Cycle 39th Session of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Working Group’ and the ‘UPR Advocacy Factsheet on Digital Rights in Thailand’, bringing to light Thailand’s growing digital dictatorship, authoritarian policies, and abuse of laws aimed at eliminating citizens’ basic human rights in online space.

➡️ To fight against the government's abuse of power with countless accounts of human rights violations, including arbitrary arrests, use of extreme violence against peaceful youth-led protests, restriction of press and media freedom, and attempts to control civic space through abusive law on NGOs' operations, we developed the ‘UPR Advocacy Factsheet on Civic Space in Thailand’ to tell the truth and seek justice at the international level.

➡️ We launched a campaign to #StopDigitalDictatorship in Southeast Asia to fight against rising digital dictatorship in the region, where the internet is no longer a free, safe, and secure space for expression.

➡️ We support communities that fight against corrupt practices of the military-backed government that puts profit over people:

➡️ #JusticeForPhichit: We support villagers in Phichit and Phetchabun who have been severely affected by the operations of a gold mining company Akara Resources with the costs incurred during the trial, monitor the court hearings, and provide support in amplifying their voices in legal activities and advocacy at the international level.

➡️ #SaveSabWaiVillagers: We seek justice for the Sab Wai villagers who have been unfairly convicted of trespassing, utilizing, and clearing land in Sai Thong National Park, and live under a constant threat of being evicted from their homes, through national advocacy and international litigation.

✊🏼 Manushya Foundation stands by all pro-democracy activists and protesters, by every single community, organization, and civil society group that tirelessly defends democracy against dictatorship and fights for a better future for everyone, not just the 1% capitalists!

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings

👉 Read our Thailand's Third UPR Advocacy Factsheets here.

👉 Learn more about our work on Digital Rights here.

- 🎨 Amazing artwork by Instagram: @ivana_kurniawati -

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