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#JusticeForJack 🩸1 year on since Jack survived an assassination attempt!

🩸#JusticeForJack On Saturday April 29, 2023, Lao human right and pro-democracy activist Anoua “Jack” Luangsuphon was shot two times - in his head and chest - while at a local cafe in Vientiane, Laos.

🏥After a visit from authorities, the Lao Hospital stopped feeding him and providing proper medical care, leaving him unattended and neglected, with old air tubes and bullets still stuck in his body.

❓The police claim the assailant was motivated by “business issues” or “romantic dispute with a girl”, however Jack had neither his own personal business nor a girlfriend, he identifies as gay.

👀All eyes are on Lao authorities- who conducted no impartial investigation and had more concern for the threat Jack posed to Laos politics, given his influential Facebook page ‘Power By Keyboard’ and his outspoken Criticism of Chinese influence in Lao.

🆘Manushya supported his medical evacuation to Thailand where he has undergone life-saving surgeries, supported with heightened security, food and other necessities. Manushya continues to advocate for Jack’s safety and wellbeing, supporting him with his resettlement paperwork to find a third safer location for Jack.

🙏Jack needs to be urgently resettled to another country, as he is currently at high risk of transnational repression in Thailand. We call on the international and diplomatic community to ensure Jack's protection!

📢Let's urge governments worldwide to establish mechanisms to protect individuals at risk of transnational repression by offering asylum to ensure their safety and well-being. We demand #JusticeForJack and all victims of transnational repression.

#WeAreManushyan ♾️ Equal Human Beings


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