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#PDPA 🔐 Why should you care about Thailand's new Personal Data Protection Act?

Thailand has its own data protection law now. What does it mean for the future of data security and our rights in the digital space? Swipe to learn more 👆🏼

What is Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)?

→ The PDPA is Thailand's first law created to govern personal data protection. It sets forth requirements for data controllers and data processors on how to receive consent from data subjects (a.k.a, you) before processing, collecting, or disclosing personal data.

🔍 With the PDPA coming into force on June 1, businesses and organizations must now follow strict protocols in collecting and using personal data.

🚨 But, the PDPA does little to ensure our right to privacy from the violations by the government! It is also not designed to address violations committed through the use of artificial intelligence (AI)!

❌ Under PDPA, data collected and used for public interests or by government agencies does not enjoy privacy safeguards. The State can still freely interfere with your privacy!

❌ It does not make a difference between automated and non-automated data processing. That's why it's likely not going to protect you against data privacy breaches by artificial intelligence (AI).... such as those used by the Thai government!

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings

📍 Manushya Foundation denounces any attempts to restrict our human rights in the digital sphere and calls on the Thai government to ensure effective protection of our personal data. Digital Rights are Human Rights!

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👉🏼 Read our analysis on the inefficiency of PDPA in addressing high-risk AI technologies here.

👉🏼 Read our UPR Advocacy Factsheet on Digital Rights in Thailand here.


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