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It's WRONG when the Price for True #Democracy is the Cost of a Bullet!

#Thailand is a 'Land of Compromise' he said, but something is WRONG when the price for true #Democracy is the cost of a bullet...

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⚠️ On 16 August evening, the protest turned into a nightmare for young people protesting for true democracy and calling for Prayut’s resignation, as the police used live rounds on them, violating Thailand's international human rights obligations to guarantee people's right to peacefully protest.

Day after day, police brutality has intensified. Many protesters have already been severely injured BUT on 16 August evening, live munitions were used during the crowd control measures at Din Daeng Police Station.

🚨 A 15-year-old Youth is now in a coma, under critical conditions, with a bullet stuck in his brain stem. He is now at Rajavithi Hospital.

🚨 3 other Youth were also victims of the police's extreme violence: Thanaphon Homya, 14 years old, was shot and is now at the Chula Hospital; while Ukrit Photia, 17 years old, and Krisada Janjamrat, 18 years old were severely beaten and are now being treated at the Rama Hospital. As a reminder, violence committed on Children under 18 years old also violates Thailand's international human rights obligations under the Convention on the Rights of the Child... but clearly Thai police do not care.

⚠️ The next day, 17 August, the Thai Government's Public Relation Department issued a statement to 'SAVE FACE' denying the use of live rounds by the police but pretending that

"live munitions from an unknown origin were found at the scene". In addition to taking ZERO responsibility for the attempted killing committed, the government still has the nerve to "warn" the press from making "unsubstantiated accusations until investigations have been completed"... Prayut has once again displayed the irrational priorities of the government: the government's image comes first, and the people come last. #SavingFace = #Thainess

As long as the #NetworkMonarchy puts power and money over people, the country will continue to face mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic, with #Sinovac being administered instead of good quality vaccines, non-stop crackdown on online freedom, and increased police's violence and impunity.

✊🏼 Everyone has the right to speak truth to power, to denounce police brutality, to ask for quality vaccines, and to tell the World #WhatsHappeningInThailand! But most importantly, people have the right to protest for what's best for Thailand, real democracy - and it is a CRIME against young people's future that Prayut is committing by staying in power and destroying their lives. He is abusing his power - he has overstayed. It's time to get out NOW! #PrayutGetOut #GetOutPrayut

The 15-year old Youth shot in the neck is still in a coma as of 19 August 2021, according to Rajavithi Hospital. Please see here.

#ม็อบ16สิงหา #ตํารวจทําร้ายประชาชน #WhatsHappeningInThailand #กระสุนจริงยิงประชาชน #คฝเป็นฆาตกร #ตำรวจเป็นฆาตกร #ตำรวจฆ่าประชาชน #SaveThaiDemocracy #SaveThailand #DemocracyNow #MilkTeaAlliance


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