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Tawan and Bam are celebrated as women change-makers for a better tomorrow in The People Awards 2023

Tawan and Bam, the dynamic duo of activists Tantawan “Tawan” Tuatulanon and Orawan "Bam" Phupong, were among the ten winners of The People Awards 2023.

The award, presented by online media outlet The People, recognizes individuals who have significantly contributed to creating a better world.

Congratulations to both of them, we admire their strength, solidarity and POWER!

At a ceremony held on April 5, 2023, Tawan and Bam accepted the award and spoke about the importance of collective action in achieving meaningful change.

“This award belongs to everyone who does not ignore the problems [in our country], to those who choose to do anything they can to help, whether it’s spreading the word online, creating art, or composing songs. Change happens because of all of you, not just because of the two of us” Tantawan “Tawan” Tuatulanon

Under authoritarian regimes, the role of young Women Leaders is more important than ever. Their bravery and convictions to stand up for justice undeniably inspire different generations to resist systemic oppression and strive for long-lasting change. Tawan and Bam are living proof of this. 🧡💗

Congratulations to both of them, we admire their strength, solidarity and POWER!

While you’re here, learn more about our work on Democracy & Digital Rights, and how we Power Women Leaders:

report, together with more than 50 rights groups, in preparation for Thailand’s third UPR. It contains a comprehensive overview of the most challenging human rights issues in the country and our recommendations for a better Thailand.

➡️ To fight against the government's abuse of power and seek justice at the international level, we developed the ‘UPR Advocacy Factsheet on Civic Space in Thailand.’

➡️ In collaboration with feminist and women’s rights groups, we developed the Joint Civil Society CEDAW Report, which addresses the struggles of all women. This is part of our commitment to advance the values of feminism in intersectional contexts and powering women leaders to be at the center of Thailand’s human rights narrative and lead the human rights movement!

➡️We also drew attention to the plight of civil society organizations in Thailand, which face many challenges to operate due to the shrinking civic space and threats posed by the draft NPO Law, a draconian law aiming at further controlling and criminalizing civil society.

Also, we developed the Freedom on the Net country report for Thailand in 2020, 2021, and 2022, together with Freedom House, exploring the digital rights situation yearly in Thailand.

➡️ We launched a campaign to #StopDigitalDictatorship in Southeast Asia to fight against rising digital dictatorship in the region.


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