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Check out highlights from our session on AI & Data Protection in the Global South at #RightsCon2022

💫 Did you watch our session on "How can the Global South protect itself from unchecked AI ethics and data protection?" 🙌🏽 #RightsCon2022 may be over, but our #DigitalRights spirit is certainly not!

Check out these highlights from the event we've compiled just for you! ✨

Thank you to our feminist panel of experts:

✦ Emilie Pradichit from Manushya Foundation, for addressing the need for a comprehensive and binding regulation of AI in Thailand;

✦ Lisa Garcia of Foundation for Media Alternatives, for shedding light on the subject of sexist algorithm and automation;

✦ Jean Linis-Dinco of ILGA Asia, for giving us a look into AI's impact on queer people in the Global South;

✦ Wai Wai Nu of Women's Peace Network, for pointing out Facebook's complicity in the spread of hate speech during the Rohingya crisis;

✦ and Debbie Stothard from ALTSEAN-Burma for her skillful moderation!

A recording of the session is available here 🔗

If you don’t have access to it, don’t worry! Soon you'll be able to watch it on our website! Stay tuned! 💫

#JoinUs 🙌 Your Voice Matters! Share your ideas on “How to safely protect our data online in the AI era” using the #MyAIMyRights hashtag! Let's keep the conversation about privacy risks posed by unchecked AI going! We want to hear from you 💞

While you’re here…

👉🏼 Check out how Manushya demystifies digital rights and pushes back on digital authoritarianism together with the ASEAN Coalition to #StopDigitalDictatorship, the leading regional expert on human rights.

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See you at RightsCon 2023! 👋🏽



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