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Indigenous Women Are Living the Struggle within the Struggle!

#WhatsHappeningInThailand 🚨 On the International Day of Rural Women, we stand by all indigenous women in Thailand who still face the double burden of discrimination based on their indigenous identity and gender. 👉🏼 Learn more about this issue in our newest factsheet on Indigenous women!

⚠️ Because of their limited access to public services, they have little influence on the discussions and decisions being made that have profound impacts on their daily lives. Their specific concerns and issues are rarely heard.

⚠️ Gender equality is a more complex issue within their communities, where patriarchal traditions expect men to be the community leaders, household heads, and main income earners. Extremely vulnerable to sexual and gender-based abuse, indigenous women face barriers to access justice due to social and cultural stigma from registering complaints, discriminatory behavior from officers, limited legal literacy, and ongoing corruption.

⚠️ Like many of the most vulnerable groups in Thai society, the COVID-19 pandemic has had deeply negative impacts on indigenous women. Because of their lower education levels and insufficient efforts of the Thai government, they had no access to key information on sanitary practices and were deprived of sexual and reproductive healthcare services during the outbreak.

🗣 We need to make sure indigenous women's voices are heard and we call on Thai authorities to:

✓ Push for indigenous women’s representation and participation in decision and policy-making processes

✓ Guarantee their access to basic rights and services

✓ Ensure that COVID-19 measures from the government take into account their existence and circumstances.

📍 In November 2021, Thailand will undergo its 3rd Universal Periodic Review (UPR) — a comprehensive review of its human rights record where it will be held accountable for its human rights violations in front of delegations from the whole world. Each UN Member State, individual country, can make recommendations to Thailand to improve the human rights situation on the ground. The Thai government will accept or note those.

#VoicesOfThailand ✊🏽 To support the initiative, Manushya Foundation and the Indigenous Women's Network of Thailand (IWNT) have prepared the UPR Factsheet on Indigenous Women in Thailand, which details 3 crucial challenges faced by indigenous women, including intersectional and COVID-19 perspectives.

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👉🏼 Access the UPR Advocacy Factsheet on Indigenous Women in Thailand here.

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